Custom Domain

Use a custom domain for Kubeflow on AWS


Before you configure custom domain, you must have read this section to understand ALB with Cognito or OIDC setup.

Using Custom Domain

In the Cognito App client setting page, use https://{YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME}/oauth2/idpresponse in the callback URLs. The rest steps are exact same as the steps in this section

Cognito Application Client Setting

After your ingress DNS is ready, you can get ALB hostname by running follow command.

kubectl get ingress istio-ingress -n istio-system
NAME            HOSTS   ADDRESS                                                                  PORTS   AGE
istio-ingress   *   80      4h9m

Go to your domain vendor, create a CNAME in your DNS records and point to this ALB host name.

Custom Domain CNAME

Then you can visit, which is a custom domain we use in this case, it will redirect you to an authentication page. We added a user kubeflow-test-user in the Cognito setting and we can use this user for the login service.

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